Nā Kumu Hula Rich Pedrina

About Our Kumu Hula

Nā Kumu Hula Rich Pedrina

Kumu Rich Pedrina received ʻuniki status from Kumu Hula and Entertainer, Kimo Alama Keaulana, and through the “HA”, the breath or blessings of his Kumu, Chinky Mahoe.  Kumu Rich Pedrina strives to instill what he has learned and been taught through the  years. “What he appreciates with Kumu Chinky was his discipline and eye for perfection  and creativity.”

Kumu Rich Pedrina was very blessed by having the privilege of studying under Kumu  Hula George Kananiakeakua Holokai beforehis passing. During that time, Kumu Rich  got very close with Uncle George and, as a result, Uncle George shared a great deal of  his knowledge and experience of his earlier days as a trained chanter, kumu hula, and entertainer. George Holokaʻi was very well versed in many things, but what inspired  Kumu Rich Pedrina was his use of the implements. He will always cherish what he has  learned from these talented Nā Kumu Hula.  

Aloha mai kākou, my name is Kumu Hula Rich Pedrina. I reside in Papakōlea – that’s where my home is now and I’m originally from Kailua. Our hālua started in 1993, our name Hālua Hula ʻO Nāpunaheleoāpua means the many expressions of a favorite one. 

DIscover how Kumu Rich Pedrina named his hālau and more about his hula history at Aloha Hula Supplyʻs Our Pasifica YouTube

Rich Pedrina 2004 ʻUniki

Rich Pedrinaʻs 2004 ʻUniki Class with Kumu Hula Kimo Llama-Keaulana

Kumu Richʻs Nā Kumu Hula


Kumu Chinky Mahoe

1st Nā Kumu Hula

Award-winning Nā Kumu Hula Howell “Chinky” Mahoe Jr. of Halau Hula O Kawaili’ula has been a Kumu Hula for over 40 years. Kumu Chinkyʻs Hālau Hula O Kawaili’ula, considered one of the top hālau, has won numerous awards at major hula competitions over the years, including several top prizes at the world renowned Merrie Monarch Festival.

Kumu Chinky is also a musician and has  released 2 albums Kalapawai, Ku`u `Aina Kaulana and Kalapawai Ku’u One Hanauu.


Kimo Alama Keaulana

2nd Nā Kumu Hula


An 8th generation professional musician, dancer, chanter, teacher, composer and entertainer, Kimo Alama Keaulana is a recognized authority on ancient and modern hula and its music. As a Kumu hula (hula master) and renowned dancer himself, he knows how to play the music to accompany hula.

Known for his captivating laugh, wicked `ukulele strum and sweet angel voice, Kimo Alama Keaulana is all the proof we need that hula and its music are alive and well-that indeed “Hula Lives!”

PHOTO: Star Advertiser


George Holokai

3rd Nā Kumu Hula

Uncle George was fiercely dedicated to his culture. He was beloved by many who were captured by his pleasant and caring personality, and inspired by his lifelong commitment to the perpetuation of hula. (1930–2006)



Credit: Hula Preservation Society

Kumu George Holokai

"He lived his life as hula - everything he did revolved around hula "

Kumu Hula Rich Pedrina

Pedrina said Holokai’s mentorship helped him shape his own hālau. His guidance included cultural protocol, tradition of hula. He shared a lot, about what is proper, what is right

2006 Honolulu Advertiser article on the passing of Kumu Rich Pedrinaʻs Kumu Hula George Holokai